Scuba-dive with the Bath Bubble Club

Club Training

The Bath Bubble Club has a team of nationally qualified instructor volunteers who offer a full programme of diver training to it's members. Extend your diving skills and qualification with us – qualifications up to Dive Supervisor are available through in-house courses. The training is free to members but the trainees must bear the cost of their own travel and board plus the cost of personal use of non-club facilities required to complete the courses.

Other advanced courses and Instructor training courses are available through the SAA regional and national course programmes run by regional and national volunteer instructors basically at cost. The SAA, , is a non-profit making organisation so you can be sure that your training will be the most cost effective available.

In addition there are other skills that can be learned from commercial courses these include boat handling, radio operating, etc.

The SAA (Sub-Aqua Association) is the UK authority that issues CMAS (World Underwater Federation) qualifications and all of your SAA certificates are immediately convertible into CMAS certificates.

Courses Click 'courses' to open a page showing the list of lectures for the basic in-house courses. The SAA courses are designed to train divers for diving in independent self sufficient groups, able to deal with the environment and emergencies in an isolated location as well as understanding the physics and physiology of diving. Dive Leader and Dive Supervisor move on into the practice of Diver management. The content of the basic courses up to and including club diver form the technical foundation for the later courses.

All qualifications include examinations and a requirement for diving experience – number of dives in different locations and conditions. After the club diver qualification some national courses become a prerequisite for the next level.

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