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Club Management

The Bath Bubble Club is an independent Scuba diving club registered with a national diving association the SAA (Sub-Aqua Association). The SAA is a non-profit making organisation which sets standards for diver training and qualification; provides the framework for training courses at higher levels than are available at club level; and sets the standard for diving administration within the clubs themselves. The Sub-Aqua Association is also the UK representative for CMAS (World Underwater Federation).

The Bath Bubble Club is a private club, it is, and must be, completely non-commercial and non-profit making. All of the management and services within the club are provided by members working voluntarily: whether this is organising events or equipment maintenance or providing training for the members. The club programme is the result of members wishing to go to a particular place on a chosen date rather than one imposed from the committee.

Although the members provide their services free of charge the club has running costs such as insurance, boat repairs, maintenance and storage etc. these costs are met from members annual subscriptions which need to be set each year to cover the total cost. The cost of fuel and oil to run the boat and the excess cost of towing are shared on each occasion by the members who dived. The divers also contribute a small sum per dive to cover the small damage to boat and trailer that is inevitable through the season.

Day to day management is in the hands of committee members who each have areas of special responsibility. These are:-

Diving Officer –Keith Wilkinson

Keith started his diving career in 1982 when he joined the BSAC after being invited to spend a day on a diving boat with friends who despite the wind and steadily falling snow, were inexplicably excited about throwing themselves voluntarily into Plymouth Sound. Keith qualified as a BSAC Second Class Diver, now renamed Advanced Diver, in 1984 and became a BSAC Club Instructor a year later. He has held several committee posts in BSAC clubs and was one of the founding Committee members for a BSAC Special Branch in Plymouth. His UK diving has primarily been from the Lizard through to Salcombe and Keith is primarily interested in wrecks, possibly a throw-back to being a Marine Engineer and wanting to get the “last laugh“.

Keith joined Bath Bubble Club in 2004 after an enforced break from diving due to the arrival of twins and the decline in his ability to get to Plymouth; his return to diving signals the change in his twins towards playing on a beach rather than eating it although, their increasing tendency to argue and shout has also contributed.

Chairman – Raymond Tee

Ray started diving in 1992 with a PADI course and when on holiday in Eilat found that half of the party were members of the newly formed Bath Bubble Club. On return to Bath he met the rest of the members and decided to join while still continuing to advance his PADI training to Rescue Diver. In order to become more active in the club he obtained SAA Dive Leader and Assistant Club Instructor certificates in the mid-90s(later advanced to Open Water Instructor). In 2000 he became Training Officer for the club and in 2003 Diving Officer until early 2006 when injury(non-diving) forced a retirement from diving. Ray returned to diving and to the club in 2008 with the absolute intention to just dive but needs must and for some time he has looked after club equipment and also responsibility for the club boat – now chairman

Secretary – Stuart Wilson

Stuart has been associated with the club since the mid to late 90’s, attending club doo’s as the non-diving partner of club member Fay James. He finally succumbed and entered the pool in 2000, training commenced and after a first dive in a very cold inland site (Horsea Island) completed the course in a very warm Caribbean sea (Bonaire). Stuart has not looked back and has reached SAA Dive Leader status and has completed a host of related courses. He has over 600 dives under his belt having dived a wide range of UK sites and many overseas to boot. Stuart held the position of club chairman several years back and has returned to the committee as secretary in order to help with the necessary burden of running an active club.

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