Scuba-dive with the Bath Bubble Club

New to Diving

When you start to SCUBA dive you are entering on a quest to visit and understand a new and alien world, From dry land or a vessel on the sea you are aware of the waves and changing colour of the sea. You will know fish as they are arranged on a fishmongers display or dangling from an angler's hook.When you visit an aquarium you can see live fish but in a container with glass between you and the specimens. Come diving and you are among the marine life in its natural environment, dealing with the changing water clarity and the tides as do the permanent residents. The sea becomes more than a shining surface ruffled by waves and roughened by storm – it is a new world, although on our planet, full of many wonders and full of interest.

It is an alien world because the creatures which live there breathe water not air and we as air breathing being need to take our air supply with us and this activity necessarily needs to apply technology to deliver that air in a way that we can use it. Water is heavy so that pressure increases quickly with depth and as divers we need to understand the effects of this increasing pressure and learn how to deal with the problems safely.

The new diver needs to progress through a number of stages of training with plenty of time for practice

  • learn to use the equipment. Know how it works, all in a safe environment

  • move into open water and deal with the natural state. Dive with experienced diver to keep you safe.

  • Learn how to find your way around and deal with problems underwater.

  • Learn to plan and run your own dives with a divers of your own level of skill

  • learn how to lead other divers and plan group diving

Each stage requires additional knowledge (theory) and increasing diving experience. Each relates to progressively more advanced courses and qualifications. The advantage of training with a club like the Bath Bubble Club is that there is no gap in support at the end of a course – you are still a club member and you will learn a lot from diving with other members plus your instructors are available for consultation and the diving officer will be keeping an eye on your progress to make sure you do not push too far too fast.

The Bath Bubble club offers a full range of training and certification for internationally recognised qualifications. When you become a Full Member of the Bath Bubble Club all in-house training is free and club equipment is provided free of charge to trainees. You don’t have to be super-fit or an ace underwater swimmer to become a SCUBA diver. What you do need is an interest in the alien environment that you are about to explore. The Bath Bubble Club can then develop this interest so that you can explore the underwater world safely and with confidence.

When you learn to dive with the Bath Bubble Club, you can be sure that you will be taught by SAA nationally qualified instructors who will guide you to becoming a competent and safe diver. Your training will follow the course developed and refined over many years by the SAA. Your training will consist of a series of lectures that explain the techniques of diving and something of the science associated with diving. You will become familiar with the all of the equipment that you will need to dive and you will learn the skills necessary to use it safely under water. Following the lectures you will be able to put your knowledge into practice in pool sessions accompanied by an instructor. The Bath Bubble Club lends you all the equipment you need during your training. When you are ready to dive in the sea, you will be closely supervised by your instructor while you develop your skills and start to explore the marine environment with us.

The training programme run by the Bath Bubble Club can be modified to suit the needs of each trainee. If any sessions are missed we will ensure that they can be made up at the end of the programme.

SCUBA diving is an exhilarating experience. With our extensive training the Bath Bubble Club can ensure you will be well prepared to dive in British waters under some of the most exacting conditions in the World and ready to enjoy diving in the more exotic places when on holiday.

Whilst the Bath Bubble Club provides the basic equipment required while you are training and for your first dive. However, you will need to acquire you own equipment for use after this time. The club members will all be very keen to assist you in selecting the best equipment available for your needs and guidance on purchasing second hand equipment which is often available from a number of sources. Check 'Your Equipment' to see the time-scale for getting your own equipment.

The Bath Bubble Club is a registered SAA (Sub-Aqua Association) club. . The SAA is the UK authority that issues CMAS (World Underwater Federation) qualifications. CMAS qualifications are recognised in every diving country around the world, so you will be able to dive anywhere without fear that your qualifications might not be recognised.

Getting Started

As a new diver your plan will be:-

  1. Take a try-dive in the pool to test the experience.

  2. Join the club and the SAA. This will provide you with your personal training log and all of the training material covering all the club provided courses.

  3. Take the elementary diver course. A series of lectures on diving subjects plus pool skills using club SCUBA. There is an exam paper at the end of the course. Pass this and you will get your Elementary Diver certificate

  4. At this stage you will make five dives in open water with an instructor and attend a second series of lectures. Another exam paper and when all is achieved you will get an Open Water certificate.

  5. Build up your open water to where you have 20 dives at different sites and water conditions, Attend the club diver lectures and pass an exam paper – you will given your Club Diver Certificate which gives you recognition as a qualified SCUBA diver.

So let’s get the adventure started. All you need to do is contact either Ray or Keith and we will make the arrangements for you. You have nothing to lose so please come and meet us. If you are under 18years please read 'Young Divers'

Make 2014 the year to try something new and try it with the Bath Bubble Club.

However, if you join, beware: addiction to diving is catching and you may become addict too!

Contact us at:-

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Ray Tee mob. 07976369225

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