Scuba-dive with the Bath Bubble Club


Membership of the Bath Bubble Club is open to all persons who are interested in SCUBA diving. The age range of the membership regularly ranges from 13years to over 70. To dive you need to be reasonably fit and strong enough to be able to lift the equipment that you need to use– Supermen and superwomen are not required.If you are under 18years the see 'Young Divers

There are two grades of club membership:-

Diving Membership is open to men and women of all ages and diving abilities. Whether you have been diving for years and are looking for further opportunities to widen your experience or just want to dive with a reliable friendly crew; or if you are a new diver and you would like to learn to dive with a group of highly trained and committed people then the Bath Bubble Club will welcome you as a new diving member.

Associate membership is for anyone who wishes to have a part in any aspect of the club except for diving.

As a private club the Bath Bubble Club is a non profit-making organisation with the services provided by volunteers from within the membership. For the club to function well it is necessary for members to assist in every aspect of the activity in hand – this may be preparing the boat for launch and packing up at a dive site or getting ready for a social event. This approach means that everyone can get the maximum enjoyment from their membership.

The principal rules set out in the club's Constitution can be summarised as:-

  • The Club is committed to operating all diving in a safe manner by meeting the SAA requirements for pre-planning and plan approval before diving plus rigorous on site and on water control to keep within that approved plan,

  • The club will ensure that equipment is properly maintained and ready for use in time for scheduled activities

  • The club will provide - free of charge - training and qualification in accordance with the requirements laid down by the Sub-Aqua Association, using instructors holding the SAA;s appropriate qualifications. Training will be to a timetable agreed between the students; the Training Officer and instructors allocated to each element of the training.

  • Member's are committed to orderly conduct at all club events with particular to safety instructions on or near the water.

  • Members are to ensure that when diving the members dive within the parameters set out in the approved dive plan and to meet any restrictions placed on dive time necessarily imposed to contain the programme of dives for all members present within the time available.

  • Members are to recognise the authority of the Dive Marshal and the Cox on the boat and to obey their instructions

  • Members are to attend on time all activities which they have signed up for or to give the organiser of the event notice of non attendance in sufficient time that a another member can step in or the other participants can be warned of limitations on or cancellation of the event before making abortive journeys to a cancelled event.

All members have to be members of the SAA, . This membership includes Third Party Insurance to the member and the club for all club activities. It also opens the way to the National courses and qualifications set out in the training section.

Although the club is run by voluntary actions by members the club has expenses: Insurance for the boat, club registration with the SAA, Boat and Trailer maintenance etc. The total of these expenses have to be met by the membership. Membership fees are agreed at the AGM held at the beginning of December each year. They are based on cost incurred plus in most years an amount towards the eventual boat replacement or major repair.

Annual fees are paid to the SAA at the beginning of the year and club fees must be paid by the end of March. For new members both are payable before diving or training can be started.

It should be appreciated that the effect of having volunteer resources supporting the club means that members' benefits are provided at minimum cost and all members are encouraged to share and extend their skills for the benefit of the club as a whole.

This year the Club membership fee is £120 plus the SAA new member fee of £61. The SAA fee includes The filofax qualification record and Third Party Liability Insurance. - Junior, Student and Senior rates available on request.

New members joining at a lower grade than Club Diver will be required to purchase the SAA Starter Pack at a cost of £40. This includes the SAA Buhlmann Deep Stop system handbook, Student Diver Toolbox – course notes, the CMAS qualification card. - all the materials to progress from Elemenary Diver to Dive Supervisor.

Members are responsible for the cost of travel, board and the use of non- club facilities

Qualified Divers

If you have qualifications already with another organisation, we can cross over your qualification to the relevant SAA qualification to start diving with us. Please see the chart:







Elementary Diver


Scuba Diver

Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

Ocean Diver

Open water & Advanced Open Water

Advanced Scuba Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

1 Star

Club Diver

Sport Diver *

Rescue Diver & Master Scuba Diver

Sport Diver

Master Diver

2 Star

Dive Leader

Dive Leader

Dive Master

Dive Master

3 Star

Note * Equates to CMAS 1 until 10 additional diver have been done

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