Scuba-dive with the Bath Bubble Club

Young Divers

The Bath Bubble Club will consider membership for persons under the age of 18 years subject to written parental/ guardian approval and on condition that a parent /guardian is present on all occasions that the under 18 is present at a club activity.

Scuba diving is a potentially dangerous activity and involves the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage. The use of compressed air involves the inherent risk of decompression sickness, embolism and other hyperbaric injuries which may require treatment in a recompression chamber. It is also a physically strenuous activity with which the trainee will have to be able to cope.

Diving is a technical sport relying on equipment to provide basic life support in an alien environment and control of depth and ascent rate. It is an essential part of scuba training that in addition to learning to use the equipment in a relativly benign environment of the swimming pool the students understand the physics envolved and the other theory used indiving and are able to apply it properly in more stressful circumstances.

With regard to general welfare of the young diver, a central part of the SAA's policy, there is little research available into the effects of depth and pressure on young, developing bodies in respect of propensity to decompression illness and the effects on bone development and vision development. In line with medical advice from the UKSDMC the SAA policy limits the diving depth and severity of permissable diving for the under 16s.

The Bath Bubble Club can train junior divers from the age of 12 years, however the individuals physical ability to cope with the weight of the equipment and disposition to study and understand the essential theory has to be taken in to account when accepting young divers for training. This is especially a concern when they are from non-diving families where there is no parental experience to identify and correct misconceptions held by the young trainee.

The Bubble Club prefers to set a lower limit of 14years on young trainees when they should have reached an appropriate level of education to be able to better cope with the diving training and environment. The final answer will be dependant on the individuals personality and ability to deal with the unknown. This can only be assessed by open discussion between the young applicant, their parents/ guardian and the Diving Officer.

All instructors involved in training young divers will have been CRB checked. However, constraints have to placed on members under 18 years in that they need a family adult chaperone at all times to meet our responsibilities for child protection.

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