Scuba-dive with the Bath Bubble Club

Club Equipment

The Bubble Club RIB “JIVE 2”

The Bath Bubble Club own a 5 metre Ribcraft RIB with a 90HP engine. This is a very seaworthy boat and is capable of reaching most south coast sites within the depth contours for 30 or 40 metres.

It is equipped with VHF radio, and carries emergency oxygen, first-aid pack, flares in case of emergency. As navigation aids - also needed to find wrecks and other dive sites – a GPS and a fish finder echo-sounder are fitted.

The boat has is certificated for a maximum load of 1000kg which will allow for six divers with equipment plus a non diving cox, or a passenger, in comfort – relatively speaking!

The admissible length of journey to a dive site will be time limited according to the total number trips required in the day needed to give all of divers in the party the opportunity to dive.

The boat is transported on a heavy duty trailer to a suitable launch site for the day's diving. The total weight of the boat and trailer is within the towing capacity of a moderate sized family car.

The boat will be driven by a member holding a Power Boat Level 2 certificate or equivalent. Within the group on the boat should be a second cox, a licensed radio operator and an oxygen administrator. To make this possible all members are encouraged to seek qualifications in these skills.

All club members may ride on the boat and dive within their personal limits. These limits may be by personal choice or be imposed by the regulations due to age restrictions or level of qualification. In the latter case a suitably qualified buddy will also be required.

Members riding on the boat are required to be fully dressed for diving – dry suits fully zipped- or are to wear a lifejacket. This will not include weights or SCUBA. On every occasion members must have adequate protective clothing for the conditions expected and the diving suit they are wearing. Hats for warmth and against the sun; gloves, windproof jacket sunglasses etc.

The boat engine and the trailer are regularly serviced by commercial specialists to minimise the risk to the members towing on the highway and taking the boat to sea. The driver of the towing vehicle is responsible for providing a registration plate matching the towing vehicle and for checking the securing of the boat that the lights are working before moving onto the highway and for keeping within the traffic regulations for towing vehicles.


The club owns 5 complete SCUBA sets, with a range of sizes of stab jackets.

There are slipper fins of a range of sizes for pool work and diving masks.

These are all for use by trainees before they qualify. Qualified diving members are expected to own their own equipment. Information for trainees regarding getting equipment is accessible through the training page

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