Scuba-dive with the Bath Bubble Club

Club Diving

Diving is available to all qualified divers on all club dive events, limited only by their current qualification and/or the availability of a suitably qualified buddy or OW instructor where appropriate.

The diving programme is driven by the member's wishes; run by the members; very often in the club RIB driven by a member with the right qualification. This can include shore dives, diving from RIBS and small boats, hard boat diving, diving weekends, diving holidays, night diving – it just need someone to volunteer to organise the right plan.

Except for the Bank Holiday weekends when significant accommodation or camp-site pitches need to booked well in advance the dive programme is flexible at a late stage which allows final planning to take account of the expected weather and diving conditions in choosing the venue.

Diving with the Bath Bubble Club is at the Diving Officers Discretion. Dive plans are to be produced prior to the dive date for approval by the Diving Officer who will, if all is well, appoint a Dive Marshal from the group of divers for whom the plan has been written. The Dive Marshal will then assume responsibility for diving to the approved plan.

As a non commercial private club we are not 'at work' when managing diving or training others so that we are not subject legally to the HSE regime nor to the MSA regulations for Small Passenger Vessels. We are conscious of those requirements and use them, in line with SAA policy, to set our standards management and for operating our diving and our boating.

All of our diving is fully managed to the following routine:-

  • A written plan is produced covering all aspect of site, weather, tide, access and people plus their qualifications.The Dive Marshal and boat Cox and deputy are identified plus the boat transport plan. Any training tasks are also identified

  • The plan must be approved by the Diving Officer.

  • On site the Dive Marshal is in charge of the exped. With the assistance of all members the boat is launched and the trailer parked .

  • The Dive Marshal will complete a full safety check and when satisfied that all is in order will sign the check list and give the go-ahead to the Cox to take the boat to sea.

  • Afloat the Cox is in charge of everything. Safe navigation; locating the site, checking conditions on passage and at the site.

  • On site the Cox is responsible for the divers safety in entering the water, and for retrieval at the end of the dive. During the dive he will monitor the divers through their Surface Markers and keep other vessels away.

  • A Dive Log is kept for the period on the dive site recording divers pairings, time in, time out of the water, cylinder size and mix, cylinder pressures at start and finish plus a record of dive time and maximum depth from the divers own instruments.

  • On return to harbour at the end of the day when the boat is recovered the Dive Marshal will complete further checks to ensure everything is collected for the journey home and that the condition of the boat is recorded with defects highlighted to warn the Equipment Officer that the boat needs attention before it can be used again.

  • All documentation is returned to Diving Officer for checking against the plan.

The system is not foolproof but it is a means for keeping standards and practices taut. The process is speeded up by using standard planning forms which can be e-mailed to the DO for approval and all participants for information.

The diving report will also record problems with and damage to the boat and engine. This information will initiate repairs in time for the next diving event. Because the boat can be used by different groups of members in succession honesty about damage and defects found is essential if the boat and trailer are to be ready and available for the next group of users.

All diving must be within the rules set by the SAA.

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