Scuba-dive with the Bath Bubble Club

About Us

The Bath Bubble Club is a friendly club for SCUBA divers and their families. The aims of the Bath Bubble Club are simple: to go diving as often as we can and have as much fun as possible.

The Bath Bubble Club is an independent Scuba diving club registered with a national diving association the SAA (Sub-Aqua Association). . All management and services are run by members on a completely voluntary basis.

The Bath Bubble Club currently owns a 5 metre RIB which is kept on a road trailer so that members can tow it to any dive location for use as a diving tender.

Most of the diving is centred around the club boat, because on the water, the RIB is capable of reaching any of the many inshore dive sites around the coast, so to be the means for providing members with an interesting and varied diving calendar. The actual programme of diving is in the end always controlled by the weather and what ever the plan the over-riding requirement is to always operate in a manner which promotes SAFE DIVING.

For normal weekends during the diving season the diving events will be day trips, on a Saturday or a Sunday according to demand.

The extra days available at the Bank Holidays allow the club to travel further for a long weekend which will be centred on a holiday resort or a camp site. These weekends are very much family social events so that wherever possible the venues will be chosen to give the non-divers in the family activities and facilities for filling their own days.

The club also organises a number of social events through the year which are open to all family members and friends. - BBQ, skittle evenings etc. – culminating in a Christmas meal at the end of the year

The Bath Bubble Club has been training new divers and providing diving for it's members since the early 1990 and many of the current members have learnt to dive or advanced their diving within the club. There are also members with a BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) and the commercial PADI training and qualification background. Potential new members, whatever their background in diving, can be sure that there will be a warm and understanding welcome into the Bath Bubble Club.

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Ray Tee mob. 07976369225

Keith Wilkinson mob 07855734299